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Est. 2002, offers the largest selection of professional grade safety equipment designed and sized for women. We just rolled out our brand new look at

Some items such as our entire line of tool pouches, tool belts in colors such as black, green, royal blue,and red, pink suspenders, and our newly added pink ribbon hard hats, you will only find at We carry these exclusively for hard working women.

Whether you are a woman working in industries such as agriculture, auto, construction, entertainment, work zones, shipyards, chemicals, restaurant or food processing, our online store offers safety equipment and work gear for you. Women electricians – may we suggest our exclusive custom made pink electrician’s tool pouch. You won’t find it anywhere else as this is an exclusive item only available at Or perhaps you are looking for the most unique gift for that special hard working woman: how about these custom made, exclusive, special order pink leather saddle bags. Dental hygienists – are you looking for a pair of safety glasses that won’t slide down your nose? Try these Crews Duece safety glasses -these are not ordinary Duece safety glasses, they are specially sized for smaller faces. Habitat for Humanity and WomenBuild volunteers- You have come to the right place. Try our exclusively designed women’s tool pouches. They are perfect for DIYers and weekend warriors, but heavy duty enough to be on any job site everyday of the week. Is your tool belt too heavy? Try our exclusive pink suspenders only available at – you won’t find these anywhere else. And we actually stock women’s fall protection gear for immediate shipment, because when you need fall protection there is no time to wait. We have the number one women’s safety harness – Ms. Miller.

Charm and Hammer has the largest variety of women’s safety products you will find anywhere on the planet – speaking of the planet – we ship worldwide! Yes all over the world. We’ve shipped to so many countries; it is easier to name the ones we have not shipped to. Where do you live? I bet we have shipped women’s safety gear and a pink tool belt to your town or city nearby. We also ship to US Military address (APO/FPO) as well as Hawaii, Alaska the US Virgin Islands and yes we have even shipped to the US Embassy in Russia. Okay only once, but how many companies can say that even once! We have shipped over ten thousand safety equipment and women’s workwear orders since 2002.

We have appeared in the Style section of the Wall Street Journal, The Dallas Fort Worth Construction News, and the Who’s Who in Safety Directory of Workplace Magazine. was featured in a magazine in Japan. Unfortunately the only words we can read are the title of the article (Help Protect Women with the Right PPE) and the name of our website (lol). If you are able to translate it we would sincerely appreciate your effort. Over the years, we have been featured in Builder Magazine, BLR, National Safety Council’s Health and Safety Magazine, and an occasional guest columnist in Lift and Access Magazine , and a variety of articles and feature products in other trade magazines. We don’t always toot our own horn, because, after all, that is a man thing, right?

We are a 100% U.S. women owned small business. And we like to find other businesses that are like us. Small businesses such as our safety vest manufacturer that employs a handicap shelter and the hard hat manufacturer that gives fifty cents from EVERY wholesale order to the local catastrophic care hospital and supports breast cancer awareness organizations. We go out of our way to chose manufacturers that give back to the community. Our purchasing department personnel (me, myself and I) research the vendors and where the products come from. We cannot say that all of our products are made in the US. Rest assured if says it is made in the US, we’ve researched it and chose that product over another vendor for that reason.

For women who prefer pink, we carry hard hats in a variety of shades of pink: some call the hot pink, neon or hi-vis, but we prefer good old fashion hot pink hard hat – this is our best seller. Other pink hard hats include light pink , although some refer to the light pink as barbie doll pink, bubblegum or pale pink. There is even a manufacturer that calls it palace rose (fit for a queen don’t you agree?) . Then there is the vented pink hard hat , I would call this pink a lavender pink. Who know there were so many shades of pink hard hats. We didn’t always carry pink, in fact we refused to carry pink safety equipment at first. We did not think people would take us seriously. But after years of countless requests to carry pink, we thought perhaps pink was in. So we added pink, purple and every color in the rainbow and then some. Much to our surprise, pink is in and so is red, black, purple and did I mention purple – yes our purple hard hat is gaining in popularity. In fact our purple tool belt and hard hat gift set out sells all the other tool belt gift sets. Some women aren’t afraid of wearing bold colors that designate them as a different gender on the job. Though we realize that does not represent every woman on the job site. So we offer the typical safety equipment – still sized and designed for women of course just not in the bold colors. We aim to fit all women – we mean real women and real women’s sizes – not just men’s stuff in smaller sizes.

Safety gear is important for your protection, as well as for comfort in your work environment. Our range of safety gear includes women’s workwear (women’s coveralls, women’s overalls, women’s work tees); ergonomics (knee pads, back supports, wrist supports, knee supports, ankle supports, suspenders, anti vibe gloves, impact gloves); head protection (hard hats, bump caps, baseball caps, bandanas); respiratory protection (half mask respirators with dual cartridges or filters and N95 dust masks or filtering face pieces as they are officially named); hearing protection (corded, uncorded, and banded ear plugs, foldable ear muffs, pink hearing protection-ear muffs); hand protection (work gloves, welding gloves, nitrile gloves, Kevlar gloves, leather gloves, micro suede and machine washable gloves), eye and face protection (safety glasses, safety goggles and faceshields); women’s fall arrest harness (Ms. Miller Fall Protection Harness, one leg and two leg shock absorbing lanyards for 100% fall protection); accessories such as leather studded belts, belt buckes (pewter, trades, rhinestud belt buckles), working women patches, rosie the riveter patches, I love (heart) power tools patches; seasonal accessories (miracool bandannas for summer or heat stress relief and hand warmers for winter or cold stress relief). Our selection of safety equipment is also designed to suit your industrial work environment, whether you work in a factory, a stable, a construction site or a zoo. Okay, sometimes we all feel like we work in a zoo (lol).

Safety includes more than just the type of equipment and protective gear you need. You also need safety compliant training. We have partnered with to offer you the best of both worlds. Online courses make job training safe, secure and convenient. With these e-learning solutions, you can train anytime in the comfort of your own home or office, during lunch, whenever you can squeeze it into your day or night and at your own pace. Sample many of the online courses for free. It just doesn’t get any more convenient than online training courses.

Of course if you have any questions at all, we can help. We (that includes me, myself and I again) have been in the construction industry for over 25 years. Safety is our (my) business. We are authorized distributers for the largest manufacturers, including MSA, Bullard, 3M, Occunomix, Ergodyne, Ironclad, Sperian, Uvex, Miller, Perfect Fit, and so many more. Check out our line card for the full list of manufacturers and brands we distribute. If you are not sure of something or your are looking for a particular safety product please do not hesitate to contact us (me). If we don’t have the answer we will point you in the right direction.

I offer you a personal welcome to our newly redesigned website! We hope you like it as much as we do. If you find something that isn’t quite right or you land on the oops! page, while we are ironing out some of those wrinkes…please feel free to use our contact us page as we appreciate everyone’s feedback.

Thank you for visiting Safety Gear for Hard Working Women, we hope you find what you are looking for. And of course feel free to drop us an email or call anytime! Bookmark to your favorites, because we are constantly adding new products.

Terri Piasecki, President

Peak Safety & Supply Inc.