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Not all welding gloves are created equal and we understand how difficult it is to purchase gloves online. So our aim here is to provide some additional details about the women’s welding gloves offered at

Keep in mind, does allow exchanges (and refunds) for any purchases so long as the items are new and unused with product tags attached (if applicable).  So if you inadvertently purchase the wrong size, know that they can be exchanged for a different size hassle free!


These are all "small" gloves marketed for women or small hands.

These are all "small" gloves marketed for women or small hands.

These are all small welding gloves from a variety of manufacturers with one thing in common – they are all  marketed for small hands.    The Weldas Comfoflex gloves have a unique patented lining which makes them difficult to manufacture any smaller – those are the largest of the small gloves.  
The next photo compares the three general purpose (blue) welders side by side so you can get a little closer look at the differences:
Womens General  Purpose Welding Gloves Comparison

Womens General Purpose Welding Gloves Comparison


Note that there is not a huge difference in sizing of  these women’s welding gloves – but there is a difference…. the Weldas on the left is slightly larger than the other two, but is the only one that is tapered somewhat. 

The Tillman small gloves are notably smaller, and the XXSmall pictured on the right is actually 11 inches long – unlike the other two that are 12 inches long. 
A number of customers have purchased these assuming they would fit children.    There are several reasons these don’t fit children.    The most obvious is that the fingers on all of these gloves are not short enough for children’s hands.      The other not so obvious reason comes from the safety manager in me –  children are not supposed to be exposed to welding fumes or any industrial hazards for that matter.  Now, I understand that life long welders want to pass on the tradition, but safety first please!!